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Thermal infrared inspections are non contact and non destructive testing procedures.

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What is an infrared inspection?

The human eye can only see a tiny part of the light spectrum. An infrared camera can “see” a different and larger section of the same light spectrum. While the eye registers visible light and translates it through the brain into an image, the image is basically a registering and interpretation of light waves.

The infrared camera, on the other hand, registers the differences in temperature from one object to another. This temperature difference between objects can be interpreted by an experienced thermographer.

AZ Infrared Consultants - Missing InsulationWhy use infrared for inspection purposes instead of destructive testing?

The traditional method for finding a leak is called destructive testing. Essentially, you know you have a problem and call someone in to tear things apart that you cannot see in order to determine the location of the problem. This method often leads to incorrect assumptions, unnecessary damage, and repairs that do not cure the problem. This is especially true when it comes to roof leaks. Moisture entering a building can sometimes be forty feet away from where the damage becomes obvious.

Infrared testing, without any destructive testing or the resulting restoration, can often find the source of the problem in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of destructive testing. For clarification purposes, visualize looking at another person with your eyes. You know they have a broken bone, yet you cannot see it unless it penetrates their skin. Then visualize looking at an x-ray of the same person. Now you can see the broken bone and it does not have to be visible to the eye.That is how this technology works. Time, expense and accuracy is the answer with infrared inspections.

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